Prefabrication Services

Midwest Prefabrication Inc provides high-quality electrical prefabrication services across the nation. We are a team of experienced and skilled professionals and strive to fulfill all prefabrication needs of general electrical contractors, data centers, and power companies.

From the planning of the electrical box to prefabricated electrical panels, our professional focus on innovative ways to improve your project.

About Room Kits

Room Kitting is a game changer. Our room kits are the only affordable solution for speedy install of office buildings, hotels, multi-family residential, and hospitals, but can be utilized on any project to accelerate schedules and job efficiency. Our room kits are predesigned systems that save install time and valuable laydown space on the job. Our knowledgeable team will take your provided plans and break them up into complete drawings unique to your project.

Custom Prefabrication

Redundant assemblies are easy to mass produce and package. Custom assemblies are very specific and require more time to build on site compared to a controlled environment. Though our planning and lean methodologies, we can produce at a much lower labor rate and accelerated turnaround times. Metal fab, custom j-boxes, lighting fixture carts and more!

Our Services

  • 3D modeling/BIM
  • CAD
  • Conduit bending (all types)
  • Conduit pipe threading
  • Electrical box assemblies
  • Custom J-boxes
  • Light fixture assembly
  • Temp power stands
  • Welding
  • Temp lighting
  • Assembled conduit stubs
  • Unistrut racks
  • Stock assemblies
  • Prefabricated room kits